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I'm trying to setup a dial in senario to see if cisco will do the job.

I have a 3600 with AUX port and ISDN BRI which I wish to be able to dial into via modems. Which are remote..

When connected via the aux I wish to telnet out to a host application listening on a TCP port.

Can this be done? Everything I read seems to point at reverse telnet but I don't think this is what I need.

any help would be apprecated.

----> DIAL IN ->>> aux [CISCO] ->>>>> TELNET OUT -> [HOST]

thanks Patt

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What you need is async dial-in EXEC access.

You do not need reverse telnet.

see "Configuring a Modem on the AUX Port for EXEC Dialin Connectivity"

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see "Modem-Router Connection Guide"

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thanks Merv

will check this out and try.

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