Replacing an old 4700 router

An old Cisco 4700 router, rock solid but nevertheless approaching the end of its useful life, needs to be replaced. It's configured with three modules: dual Ethernet, 8 port BRI, and balanced E1, and handling a

2 MBit/s E1 Internet connection with ISDN backup and (nowadays rarely used) dialin either via ISDN or an analog modem on the aux console port. The IOS image it runs is the IP Plus IPSec 3DES feature set because it also terminates a couple of LAN2LAN IPSec tunnels.

What would be the appropriate replacement? A 2811 with an NM-8B-S/T and a VWIC-1MFT-E1 would nominally bring the same number of interfaces. Will it provide the same functionality? Which IOS feature set will I need?

Thanks Tilman

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Tilman Schmidt
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Wow, I haven't had a 4700 in so long..

How many BRI interfaces do you need? An 1841 may just do if you only need one. Otherwise, a 2811 is probably your next step up as you spec'd out.

The 2811 will definately give you the same functionality and then some. The built in hardware crypto offload would also probably let the CPU coast along.

The IPSec license is much the same as back then.

Look for it bundled together, adding it later is much more costly.

Ie. the cisco2811-SEC/K9 bundle is $2030 at CDW (before interface cards).

If you are talking about just a couple IPsec VPNs over the E1, I think the onboard crypto engine would be just fine without having to get one of the AIM-VPN cards for more performance.

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Doug McIntyre

Thanks a lot for your comments, Doug. I feel reassured.


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