Routing ASYNC calls to IP

Can this be done.
We have a remote server which we can connect to over IP. We would like
to take calls into locally via our office via ASYNC Modems , V32, V90,
V110 etc when the call is received we then pass the call to the server
to a specific address and TCP port.
I have heard this can be done and someone mentioned reverse telnet.
Can see anything on Cisco which explains this.
has anyone used this feature.
any help or pointers on what equipment/Cisco setup would do the trick
would be appreciated,
many thanks
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autocommand telnet on async line may be what you are looking for:
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Thanks for the reply.
Checked this out before but this seems to imply that I need a Cisco box either end of the Tunnel.
I would like to take the call as ASYN and pass out as IP.
Thanks for the help.
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ignore the diagram and try setting up the config
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