Debugging RIP

I have a internetwork with about 5 router hosts. All of them are directly interconnected running the RIP v2 protocol.

All routers are fine except for one troublesome router that doesn't have the central office routers network in its routing table.

At the central office router, it doesn't know about the network behind the router Im having trouble with as well, until I add in the neighbor

10.x.x.x router address. Then its fine.

But on the side of the troublesome router when I add in neighbor it doesn't get the routing table update for the network behind the central office. So I'm force to add in a static route which works fine.

Question, how can I debug RIP so I dont have to use a static route?

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Maybe you need one or both of:-

ip classless

router rip no auto summary

I am not really on top of this so the above is a bit of a guess.

Use ospf or eigrp instead.

Much less troublesome:-)

I know that they sound more difficult but the configuration is no more complex and they just work a lot better and using a true classless protocol can avoid some strange and hard to understand problems. I like ospf.

The only gotcha (for all cisco routing protocols) is to understand that the "network" statement only describes which interfaces may be active for the particular routing protocol. It does NOTHING else. Of course passive-interface statements can override that.

As to debugging RIP.

sh ip route sh ip rip database !< -- guess

conf t logg mon deb end

deb ip rip term mon

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I think i have got around the issue. One router has neighbor router in RIP config & other router has static route (the one that refuses to have that the remote network in its RIP routing table)

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