3750 image upgrade

Hi guys,

I have the bin file for a 3750 i need to upgrade it's image, do i have to use the archive command? or can i do it through the copy tftp: flash: command?

And for the copy tftp: flash: command.

In the show version it will show as the following:


so when i specify the destination, do i need to specify the directory as well?


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What you need to do is read the release notes.

By default I seem to recall that IOS (on some platforms) does a depth first search for a viable image. i.e. it will choose an image in a "lower" directory before one in a higher directory.

The absolute best thing to so is to put the image where you choose and to specify the image to load with

conf t boot system flash flash:/optional-dir/filename end wr

Then there is no doubt as to the behaviour,

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