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You may wish to investigate -

Backing Up Cisco Configs via TFTP Free Scripts:

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as well as the VanDyke Software Scripting Forum:

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I am not a good programmer and need some advice. Can anyone give me advice on how best to automate repetitive router management tasks using secureCRT. I never woked in a telco environment so never really needed to script and automate tasks. Now have to deal with very large networks and would like to make life easier. I am using secure crt to ssh to a server from where we can reach cisco routers using standard telnet. For starters I would like to build a list of wan addresses and let crt telnet to each and save the config to a tftp server. Will try more later - like make config changes for a number of devices etc.

I use the standard login script to get me in on the ssh server without any keystrokes - works fine, How do I now create a scritp with a list of routers that secureCRT can use once it connects to the server to auto telnet to miltiple devices and issue a copy...tftp etc command. Or is it the other way round - should one write a script that calls crt. I notice that van dyke have a couple of sample scripts - I am not sure how they should be compiled or called from CRT

Any advice will be appreciated.


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