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I am running a pix 515e and I want to copy the configs to a tftp server that is running on my workstation at and the tftp file folder is C:\\tftp-root. So are these the *exact* commands?

conf term tftp-server inside \\tftp-root write net

Does the write net command automatically copy the running conf or do you need to specify a file name?



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You need the filename. The path is not needed.

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Lutz Donnerhacke

You may find that you need to use / instead of \\ or might need to use \\\\ instead of \\ .

I suspect that the above would attempt to copy to a file named ftp-root in the C:\\tftp-root directory. But it might instead try to copy to a file named tftp-root in your C:\\ directory. If I recall correctly, the directory you see as "tftp-root" is internally "tftp-root.dir", so there would (AFAIR) be no conflict having a file with the same name but a different suffix (i.e., no suffix). But your tftp server might not allow you to write there.

It is safest to use / as the delimeters. If the pathname you gave starts with a / then that is a request for the pathname to be treated as the complete absolute pathname (but with the delimeters changed as appropriate) relative to the top of the drive configured for the tftp server. It is common for tftp servers to be configured to only allow certain directories to be written to, and it is common for tftp servers to be configured so that you can only write a file if the file already exists. [It's a security feature.]

If the pathname you give on the tftp-server command does not start with a / then it is likely that the tftp server on the host will interpret it as a request to write in a location -relative- to the default destination directory you configured into the tftp server.

For example, if on the tftp-server line, I had put /usr/tftp/pix/todays_config then write net would hand the path to the tftp server which would interpret it as a request to write to C:\\usr\\tftp\\pix\\todays_config as a filename. If though, I had put todays_config as the path for the tftp-server line, then write net would hand that path to the server which would interpret it as a request to write to the file todays_config in whatever default directory was set up for the tftp server, such as C:\\Program Files\\solarwinds\\Application Data\\tftp\\incoming\\ or some other obscure location.

The filename interpretation is not controlled by the PIX: it is controlled by the tftp server. (But the PIX just might treat \\t as a tab.)

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