Cisco Pix 506 tftp config file to different subnet

I have about 13 PIX 506e's that I use to create VPN tunnels back to my

515e. I would like to place a TFTP server on my home network and then use the write net command at each of the 506e's to write back to one TFTP server. I understand that the Write Net commands tries to use interface 1 and that is fine. I can write the file to local TFTP servers but I do not want to use 14 different TFTP server if I can avoid it. When I try to write to any TFTP server other than the one on the local network I get a Timed out attempting to connect. I cannot ping the home TFTP server from the other firewall either so I think I have a connectivity problem from the firewall. I can ping every TFTP server from the home network so the VPN tunnels work but for some reason, I can not ping the TFTP servers from the Firewall.

Any help on this would be great. My guess is that it either can not be done or I have to place a command on the firewall that will allow the firewall to ping other network.

Thanks in advance for this.

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No, "write net" uses the interface named in the tftp-server command.

You might not have configured icmp permit echo-reply outside

Also, be aware that some ISPs block tftp -- and you don't really want to be tftp'ing a configuration (complete with passwords) in cleartext over the public internet. Probably what you want to do is extend your VPN tunnels to include the outside interface of the PIXes.

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