pix 501

how to copy configuration of pix 501 to tftp server pls ???

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write net :

where is relative to the root path of your tftp server. You can also configure "tftp-server " and then just

write net



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Frank Winkler

ok i make that and evrything it is ok

now i have some other question my topology look like this

before application on server bee rpc protocol now is tcp..


i have network and i have access to server from pc1 to server now i want to add network to have access to server what i need to add i know access list in router but never work before on pix

#access-list out permit ip host #access-list out permit ip host #access-list out permit ip #access-list out permit ip host #access-list out permit ip host i have more config of access list but i will not copy


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