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I have a 4506 switch and a 4503 switch.

the 4506 switch has already been configured with ip address etc and the config I want.

I want to be able to copy the config file and put it on the 4503.

So I plan to do this

set up the 4503 with an ip address. do a copy tftp run

so will this running config overwrite the 4503 config and its ip address?

Is this the way to do it right?

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Hi Tony,

Complete these steps to upload a configuration file from a switch to a TFTP server for storage:

Step 1: Log into the switch through the console port or a Telnet session.

Step 2: Upload the switch configuration to the TFTP server with the copy config tftp command.

Step 3: Specify the IP address or host name of the TFTP server and the destination filename.

The file is uploaded to the TFTP server.

Uploading a Configuration File to a TFTP Server:

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In order to move files and images between a CatOS switch and TFTP server through SNMP, configure the switch as shown:

Step 1: Connect the switch to the workstation to be used as the TFTP server through console and Ethernet.

Install TFTP Server on Your PC:

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Step 2: Make sure that the IP address is in the same subnet as the workstation. Ping to make sure the switch connects to the TFTP server. Refer to this example:

Cat4506#set interface sc0 1 Cat4006#ping

Moving files and images should now be possible between the switch and TFTP server.

Moving Files and Images Between a CatOS Switch and TFTP Server via SNMP:

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Hope this helps.

Brad Reese BradReese.Com - Cisco Repair

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