Configuring VLANs on Catalyst 2960G

Either a link to a how-to site or direct info on how to make this happen would be appreciated.

I need to configure 4 VLANs on the aforementioned switch from scratch, and I am having little to know luck in making it happen.

The VLANs must be routable to each other:

VLAN1 Mangeable IP for switch VLAN2 Network Printers VLAN3 Servers VLAN4 Workstations

Now before anyone asks why is this being done... please don't. This is the requirement that I have asked to meet, so I am trying to meet it.

I hope that someone can give a dog a bone.


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Creating the vlans is a piece of cake - just go to any port and type (for example):

switchport access vlan 2 (or replace the 2 with whatever vlan number)

Assigning a port to a vlan on a 2960 will automatically create the vlan if it does not already exist. If you want to create the vlans manually, just type 'vlan database' (search for how to use this). You need a separate vlan number for each vlan, and the number is arbitrary. Here's the hard part - the 2960 does not do routing. So, the only way to route between the vlans is to use a separate L3 device. Search for router on a stick and that will help you with how to do this.

Note, all ports, by default are in Vlan 1 until assigned to something else.

Hope that helps,


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