vlans on 2948

i have two incoming networks from my isp to my 2948G-L3

i would like to have separate vlans for each network, and have each with their own default gateway. how can i achieve this?



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I've forgotten the limitations of the 2948G-L3, but I think you should be able to use a route-map for this.

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Walter Roberson

Hi Todd,

Nice cheap/fast multi-port Layer 2 box that can do a bit of layer

3......;-) We stll have a few in use at work.

I have not played much with CatOS so I can't answer for that environment sorry. So assuming your 2948G-L3 is runnning IOS, then you need to configure a BVI for each VLAN, and put the required ports into the appropriate Bridge-group. Then you would need to set up route-maps for each VLAN.


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