configure cisco load balancing with daul isp

dear all,

i have to ISP lines, connected to 2 cisco 2800 router each, i want to have loadbalancing over these two lines so can you help me with this configuration?



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Perform a search on your question within this group. This question comes along about once a month. Basically you need to connect both routers to your 'core', and ensure that they are advertising their default routes back to the core via the same IGP. On the core side, you need to ensure that the two default routes have the same metric, and provided you are using Ripv2, OSPF, or EIGRP, it will load balance.

However, this only manages outbound traffic. Depending which ISP you go out, which website or external network you are accessing, and how your ISP is advertising your network will determine which path the traffic takes back. Considering your internet traffic could be much higher download than upload, load balancing externally will only help you so much.......

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