Cisco Load Balancing

Hi all

I have a client who is replacing their core infrastructure to make it more redundant and to allow them to scale up their operation.

They have 2 x UNIX servers that are accessed externally, which must run in active/standby configuration for redundancy purposes.

Can someone let me know the cheapest Cisco failover solution for the above scenario? We have yet to purchase any equipment but Cisco is our preferred provider.

Many thanks

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any old cisco will allow load balancing. could you give a few more details?

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Jo Reed

I've only ever used the CSS 115xx series, but they're fairly expensive.

Regards, Steve

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It will be all new equipment but im trying to keep the price down!!

Jo Reed wrote:

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Where do you want the failover, in your LAN or in the WAN?

Do you have more details?


c1tc wrote:

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