Configuration of TRUNK Ports

Hello I am used to HP Procurve switches, where I have for example a port with multiple vlans on it:

ex. Port 1 -

VLAN 1 untagged VLAN2 tagged VLAN3 tagged.

So I let pass via a port, one vlan untagged (vlan1) and two tagged vlans.

How can I replicate the same configuration in a cisco switch?

Thank you

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Elia S.
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Cisco's model is a bit different.

In small environment's the HP (and other low-end switch) model works fine, but in larger environments with even dozens if not hundreds of VLANs, the Cisco one works much better overall.

In Cisco, you can have exactly one untagged VLAN per trunk port. Everything else is assumed to be tagged on a trunk port.

(ignoring the fact that vlan1 magicly gets untagged by default on many models)

interface GigabitEthernet1/1 switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-3 switchport trunk native vlan 1 switchport mode trunk

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Doug McIntyre

Thank you very much today will arrive a C3550-24 so I will test it!

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Elia S.


The same on HP Procurve no matter whether you configure tagged or untagged.


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Ahhh... that explains a problem I had a while back.

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Rob wrote: =20

At leat on Cisco gear it is important to note that its not VLAN 1 per se but the native vlan of the port. Which by default is VLAN1 unless you have another vlan configured as native on the port.=20

Ciao Chris

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