Downsides to used Procurve gear? What am I missing.

In my not-that-recent career managing datacenters I got lots of good use out of HP Procurve managed switches. My limited experience with the mass market stuff was less than flawless. That was then, this is now.

I'm doing some wiring for non-profit organizations. 12 and 24 port switches are what I need and see that on ebay HP Procurve 10/100 switches (lifetime warranty) sell for half or less what a mass market brand sell for new.

What am I missing? Maybe standard VLAN capability (which I've have never used and don't see a need for right now.)


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Al Dykes
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The bottom fell out of the used 4000M market about 9 months to a year ago. It seems that many folks would rather buy an unmanaged mass market gig switch than a 10/100 managed one. And these things are a bit BIG. You can't stick them behind the credenza. I was going to sell 3 of them just after the price fell and decided to just keep them as emergency backups.

With the HP Procurve 4000/8000 line you can reset them back to the factory settings if you have physical access.

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David Ross

In article , Al Dykes writes

Don't think you are missing much.. If they are going in an office environment, I have found the fans tend to be a bit 'vicious' and noisy. - Just from their speed, and volume of air they shift. If they are second-user, could the fans have got even noisier with age?

Other than that, if they are managed, can you guarantee you will be able to get past any passwords set on a second-user piece of kit?

HTH, Philip Partridge

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