cisco wic vwic nm card questions

I'm new to cisco and am in the process of trying to understand the hardware. Could someone either give a description of what the differences are between the different types of interface cards? (or point me to the right place on the web to learn about it) For example, I want to have 3 T1 lines going to a 3640 router (2 fractionals from the sbc and one fractional going "out" to our on site 3com nbx phone systems T1 interface card) Would it matter which cards i use? Can any T1 card be used basically the same? do you have to use a wic or vwic or nm depending on the use, or is it just different types of interfaces to the router?

Also, is there any way to take basically a T1 and 1/2 T1 and combine them for internet access? We will be using half a one of the T1's for voice to the nbx and will have the other half left over for data. It would be nice to be able to combine both data parts of the T1's. I was thinking if we could break the full T1 into 2 halfs in the router that we might bond the three resulting 1/2 t1s together?

I've been working with sbc on this, but they're not much help.



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