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Hi gurus

I'm thinking to buy cisco's catalyst 3750 or extreme's summit 400 switch. I think bouth are quit same for the job but now I would like to hear from you gurus bad or good things about these machines.

I have cisco's catalyst 4006 core swicth and I would like to make new VLAN with new swiches. Is there a problem to do this with extremes product ?

Thanks advance jussi

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You may wish to investigate Cisco vs. Extreme:

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I own the Summit 400 and a ton of Cisco. I'd go with the 3750, personally. The Summit command line feels like Cisco, but it isn't. I found it pretty annoying, actually. The biggest problem I have with them is a lack of VTP. I know VTP is proprietary to Cisco, but the Extremes have nothing comparable. If you expect to trunk between the Extremes and the Cisco, you will have to configure each VLAN on each switch individually. Of course, this may not be a problem for you.

Good luck!


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