Catalyst 3750 ISO update?

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We are stating to use the new Catalyst 3750 switches in stacks of nine. We have noticed problems with ISO version mismatches. Most 3750s we receive have 12.1(19) but the odd one has 12.2(25). Our usual procedure is to boot up the switch with the latest ISO version first (causing it to become master) and use the "arc copy-sw 1" command (1 being the number of the master switch) this causes the software from switch 1 to be copied to all other switches in the stack. The first question - is this the best method to standardise ISO versions across 3750 switches?


If we have a stack of switches with only V12.1(19) and would like to upgrade them to 12.2(25) what is the best method? I understand this can be achieved with a TFTP server. I have downloaded 12.2(25) from the Cisco site (c3750-ipservicesk9-tar.122-25.SEB2.tar) Would someone mind explaining the steps to install a new IOS version by TFTP?

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Hi Paul,

The Cisco TFTP Server has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Cisco Systems:

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You may want to investigate the FREE SolarWinds TFTP Server:

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I have never worked with stacks and I do not know if you can just copy the IOS version to all switches in the stack or if you must do it one by one. Any way, the command to upload an ios version to a IOS device is (you have to has enable priv):

copy tftp ENTER !for a normal 3570 is just "copy tftp"

The device will ask you about the IP address of the server and the name of the file

Hope it helps

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