Hello Guys, I am trying to load the above MIB so as to enable a MIB browser to get for example rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress. Currently the browser can see some branches under so I am shooting for to be visible. I am trying to follow the instructions here:

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And I am not having a lot of success. I know that I need to add P-BRIDGE-MIB.mib cos that is not in the mibs directory so far. When I add it I get a "ciscoPibToMib unresolved". This should be defined in CISCO-SMI I think and actually it is in a CISCO-SMI mib I found on the Internet. But not in the CISCO-SMI currently on the system [sigh]. Should I replace the existing CISCO-SMI mib with the "new version"?

Also in the URL

formatting link
are two columns , Version 1 Version 2

Does that mean for example that SNMPv2-TC-v1 comes in two different versions? Also there is Active link "This is the SMI version 2 of the MIB. Click here to see the SMI version 1", probably this would help me if I understood it.

If you can help, _please_ help!



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That's an IETF MIB so I would have thought it would be installed by default.

What software are you using? Have you been able to add other Cisco MIBs without problems? That MIB seems to work for me [have been using it to monitor latency between a customers sites across their MPLS with no problems].

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Nope not there..

Home grown I think Have you been able to add other Cisco MIBs


Pretty much what I am supposed to be doing! Do you know if you are using V1 or V2 as in mentioned here?

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where you are picking up your ciscoPibToMib definition?

Good point - I am concerned about breaking something that is not obvious tho...

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thanks for hints - it works now.

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