Vulnerability scan for routers and switches

Hi ,

I would like to scan vulnerabilities of my routers and switches. I am using Nessus for the same and am facing the below challenges. Any help would be really appreciated as I am not finding much documentation on this:

  1. I am running Cisco plugin i.e: ticking the check box =91Plugin Selection > Cisco=92 in the policy and till here things are fine. The issue is, I would like to run it in a hybrid environment which has some HP and 3com switches as well. How can I achieve the same for HP and 3com switches ? I don=92t find any plugin for those. If there is no plugin for HP and 3com and I uncheck =91Plugin Selection > Cisco=92 from the policy is that a good scan report or I should focus more on finding the plugin from HP or 3com ? If so then from where ?
  2. The environment that I want to scan has multiple snmp strings. As of now the only option I see is to create a new policy or change that policy for each and every community string, which is a very tedious task. Is there a better way out ? I am thinking of a list to be taken by Nessus as an input where the list has the ip and the community string of that ip besides it =96 this will make life much simple and make the tool more practical to use. Is there any way that multiple snmp strings can be provided as input in one shot ?c
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