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hi to u all, I have problem to config the cisco 837 CRWS. In the router, I havn't all the web-html files. I found article how to fix it:

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In the article cisco forward to thier site to download the files. the files are: loading.gif home.html GUI.html CRWS_1.jar CRWS_2.jar vpnlogin.html CRWS_VPNLogin.jar IPCPSubnet.cfg index806.txt index.txt ConfigExp_806.cfg ConfigExp.cfg

I can't found the files. I havn't another router to copy files from.


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Since you are using an 837 you may want to seriously consider replacing CRWS with SDM. It's much more powerful than CRWS. It may also help in your decision to know that CRWS has been discontinued and declared obsolete by Cisco. Another benefit to SDM is that you can configure it to reside almost completely on your PC's hard drive taking up little or no room in your router's limited storage.

You can find the latest version of SDM at

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