plug RJ11 TO 837 cisco router

hi,, I have cisco 837 router with RJ45 adsl port and My service provider supply me with RJ11 adsl over voice signal (POTS) how to plug RJ11 to RJ 45 thaanks

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Try plugging the rj11 into the rj45 jack on router and see if it locks.

Not sure it there is a difference in the pin geometry i.e the spacing between the pins.

There are adapter for this purpose so just google for "RJ11 to RJ45 adapter" - you should get lots of hits

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837 does not have an RJ45 for the DSL. Unless of course my memory is worse than I remember.

It has an RJ11.

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I suppose yours may have been made incorrrectly or changed later, however none of the 837's that I have seen have ever had an RJ45 ADSL connector.

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here is an illustration of the rear of an 837 showing the ADSL RJ11 port

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Notice that the ADSL port is on the right-hand side when viewed from the rear

The LAN interfaces (RJ45) are on the left-hand side when viewed from the rear

Is this where you were trying to connect the ADSL line to ?

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