Cisco Router as a VPN server and a Microsoft Client

I need to connect a Windows XP VPN client to a Cisco 1721 router configured as a VPN server but I'm experincing a lot of problems. My router config is as follows:

! aaa new- model ! aaa authentication login LOCAL_DB local aaa authorization network LOCAL_DB local ! aaa session-id common ! username test privilege 15 secret 5 XXXXXXXXXXX ! crypto isakmp policy

1 encr aes authentication pre- share group 2 no crypto isakmp ccm ! crypto isakmp client configuration group REMOTE_VPN key letmein dns domain pool TEST_VPN_POOL max-users 10 netmask ! ! crypto ipsec transform-set TEST_SET esp-aes esp-sha-hmac ! crypto dynamic-map REMOTE_CLIENT_MAP 1 set transform-set TEST_SET reverse- route ! crypto map COMMED_VPN client authentication list LOCAL_DB crypto map COMMED_VPN isakmp authorization list LOCAL_DB crypto map COMMED_VPN client configuration address respond crypto map COMMED_VPN 100 ipsec-isakmp dynamic REMOTE_CLIENT_MAP ! interface Serial0/0/0 bandwidth 512 ip address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX ip nbar protocol- discovery ip flow ingress ip flow egress ip nat outside ip ips sdm_ips_rule in ip virtual- reassembly ip route-cache flow crypto map COMMED_VPN ! ip local pool TEST_VPN_POOL !

I still cannot connect via my Windows XP client. Please help

Regards Ayanda

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I believe the Microsoft VPN client uses PPTP, not IPSEC. This article might be of help to you

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Mike Rahl

Have a look at:

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