config router as vpn client

I've got two routers, both are 2651XM's and both loaded with IOS C2600-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M, Version 12.4(2)T . One is configured as a vpn server and it works fine - client PC's can connect to it from remote locations. I'm trying to configure the other router as a vpn client but having problems. I did the vpn-client setup by running the Easy VPN Remote wizard in the SDM web interface software, but at the end I get a box saying 'Please enter your SSH user name and password'. I don't know what this is and I've never set up an SSH username and password on either router. Do I need to set up SSH on both routers or just the vpn server router? I want to set up the second router as a vpn client to serve as a gateway for several PC's to connect to the vpn server router. Thanks for any advice.

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