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I have purchased 40 of the 871W routers. They do not come with the Advanced IP services installed, which I require for the QOS feature set. I understand that I can download the Advanced IP Services from the software center under my smartnet agreement but I need 28MB of flash memory and they come with 24MB.

No problem gettng the memory but are there any additional licenses required for the use of Advanced IP services or wth this fixed configuration device?

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Yes, you do need licensing. See a Cisco reseller. But, if you just bought these things, see about returning them and getting the part with the right image already on it. That would proably cost less than purchasing an upgrade and memory, depending on if you get charged a restocking fee or not.

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If you need Advanced IP services for each unit, then the only license you need is Advanced IP services. You don't need to load multiple different programs and files to get the IOS on an 871w. When you get the licence for advanced IP services, you will have all the features which that IOS contains

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