When buying Cisco AS5XXX VoIP Gateways...

When buying Cisco AS5XXX VoIP Gateways... Here are some things you need to know when buying Cisco AS5XXX VoIP gateways:

  • Used Equipment Sold as New or New Open Box In the last few years a handful of companies have started buying New Cisco Bundles and building them up with used cards. They then turn around and sell them on Forums, Ebay, Message Boards as New/New Open Box. What they are not telling you is when you buy these units Cisco will not touch that hardware because it is gray market and they will require recertifaction which can be well over K. By the time you do all of that you are paying more than buying it legit from the beginning. The pricing that these companies advertise are attractive however you have to realize you are suppose to be buying a new peice of equipment. New equipment comes with all Voice/Data Licneses, Software Licneses and is SmartNet Eligble. When you factor in how much all of those extras cost if you have to buy them you will see that the deal you are getting is not so attractive.
  • Cisco Warranty

Cisco products are sold with express end-user warranties. These warranties are personal to the first end user, and, unless expressly authorized by Cisco, the warranty may not be transferred to any new purchaser. If a company plans to purchase product through unauthorized channels, it should be aware that such equipment is sold without a Cisco warranty, and that Cisco may deny all warranty support for this equipment. The terms of the Cisco warranty do not affect the customer's statutory rights, which may vary from country to country.

  • Software Licensing Policy

The licenses Cisco provides with the operating system software (such as Cisco IOS Software and Cisco CatOS that is included in Cisco router and switch products), are personal to the first end user and are non-transferable. Although product owners are allowed to transfer, resell, or release used hardware, the licence does not permit them to transfer, resell, or release the software that runs on it. This policy also applies to Cisco standalone software applications. Second-hand Cisco products that include software may not be legally operated without first purchasing a new software license from Cisco. All of this info can be found here:

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  • Alternative to Grey Market Equipment Customers looking for used Cisco equipment can now be assured of the quality and support they come to expect from new Cisco products, through the Cisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment program. Cisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment gives customers a price competitive alternative to buying uncertified and unlicensed products off the secondary market. All equipment sold through this program is labeled "Refurbished by Cisco Systems", indicating that the product is Cisco tested, refurbished, authorized, and supported. Advantages to customer:

-Fully tested and refurbished by Cisco

-Current revision IP-only software and new software license included

-Full warranty protection (same as new) through Cisco's Technical Assistance Center

-Automatically eligible to add SMARTnet Maintenance or other service contracts for extra support

-Both current and end-of-sale products available

-Competitive pricing If you are interested in purchasing used equipment let me know this Cisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment program will work great for you and your company. Inventory varies daily, and sales are on a first-come, first-served basis. For current inventory and pricing please contact us. We are a Cisco Partner and we specialize in Cisco VoIP AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400XM, AS54HPX, AS5850 Universal Gateways, PGW-2200 SS7/C7 PSTN SoftSwitch Solutions, SIP Proxy Server Solutions, Calling Card Platform Solutions, Prepaid/Postpaid Platform Solutions, CMS Billing Platform Solutions, Call Relay Billing Platforms, WholeSale VoIP Billing Solution, 1-800 International/Universal Toll Free Services, Call Center Build-Outs/Consulting, VoIP Engineering, VoIP Consulting, International WholeSale Minutes, Quintum VoIP Products, SunSet Learning (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE & Other Certifications), and much more. Visit us online today...

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Shane Breen Doretel Communications, Inc. Director Of Sales & Marketing Cisco Registered Partner Office: 404.755.5721 Fax: 404.521.4639 snipped-for-privacy@doretel.com AIM: shanebreen2003
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