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I am in dire need of some assistance with my cisco configurations... We use older X.25 switches in our network. We have a couple hundred of these x.25 devices connected to cisco 2600 routers via a serial cable. The ethernet is connected to an airlink raven which provides internet via an external CDMA device. We have noticed that on many occasions when our RAVEN loses cellular connectivity we switch to dial and are unable to figure out how to get it to gracefully switch back to internet on its own. In order for the site to go on dial, x.25 goes down and trys the second patch for the x.25 call which as you see is over the async card. Can anyone tell me what can possibly be done to make this a manual fail back? Also, if anyone can take a look at the config with other recommendations you may have. I appreciate your help!!!


! Last configuration change at 19:09:02 est Mon Dec 24 2007 ! NVRAM config last updated at 11:12:06 est Mon Dec 17 2007 ! version 12.3 service timestamps debug datetime localtime service timestamps log datetime localtime service password-encryption ! hostname XXXXX ! boot-start-marker boot-end-marker ! logging buffered 10000 debugging no logging console clock timezone est -5 no aaa new-model ip subnet-zero ip cef ! no ip domain lookup ! x25 routing ! interface Ethernet0/0 ip address dhcp half-duplex ! interface Serial1/0 description X25 connection for X.25 Base Station no ip address encapsulation x25 dce no ip mroute-cache x25 htc 8 x25 win 7 x25 wout 7 x25 ips 512 x25 ops 512 clock rate 19200 no cdp enable ! interface Async1 ip address encapsulation ppp dialer in-band dialer order round-robin dialer idle-timeout 60 dialer wait-for-carrier-time 20 dialer string 1XXXXXXXXXX dialer string 1XXXXXXXXXX dialer-group 1 async default routing async mode dedicated ppp authentication chap ppp chap hostname XXXX ppp chap password XXXX ! router eigrp 1 passive-interface Ethernet0/0 network no auto-summary eigrp stub connected ! ip classless ip route Async1 ip route dhcp ip http server ! access-list 101 deny eigrp any any access-list 101 deny udp any any access-list 101 permit ip any any dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 101 x25 route 100189001 xot xot-keepalive-period

10 xot-keepalive-tries 3
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Change "ip route Async1" to "ip route Async1 250"

This is known as a "floating static" because you have now put a "250" metric on it. It will only be used if the other default route is down. Not sure if this will fix you problem, as I am not to familiar with X.25 and not how your routing is engineered. I changed the route to a default on the static because in order for a floating static to work, there must be the exact route (with a better metric) in the routing table during normal operation. If you are receiving a "" route via EIGRP when the X.25 is working, use "ip route Async1 250" instead. I hope this at least points you in the right direction.

As an FYI, my company is also using Ravens with CDMA, except that in our configuration we use PPP on the serial link to the Raven, and VPN tunnels that terminate on frame-relay connection. This configuration is much simpler to configure and troubleshoot.

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