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I have a Cisco AP 1100 that I would like to use on my home network. It is currently using IOS v. 12.3(2)JA2.

I use a Tivo at home that has a wireless connection. Unfortunately the Tivo UI doesn't allow for any authenication protocol; they simply WEP. The best way I can think to work around this security flaw is to create two SSIDs: The first SSID would be my regular home SSID and I could use EAP-FAST to authenicate against the AP itself. The second SSID would be specifically for Tivo - I could filter it's MAC address and set Tivo to use 128-bit encryption. I understand that neither of these two measures is robust security but I was thinking I could also specify that the Tivo SSID could ONLY access the Tivo IP Address.

Does this sound right? Any suggestions? If this sounds okay can anyone give me pointers on broadcasting two SSIDs. I have tried multiple configs and I'm missing something. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I is my understanding that you can only broadcast one SSID. This could be used as the guest VLAN and clients that needed to access the other VLAN would have to be manually configured for that SSID.

I have been wrong before,

-Jeff C

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Jeff C

A recent IOS release for the Cisco APs lifts that restriction, but only for newer radios (not the 802.11b-only ones!), which support broadcasting up to eight SSIDs.

There's a thread about this on a mailing list:

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Simon Leinen


As I know, a new IOS release with this feature should come at the end of this month.


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Ted Nevil

IOS 12.3-4JA is out since Apr 06. Have it running in lab for 2 days now.

It fakes another BSSID by putting anothers Radio MAC address in the beacons broadcasted, so it appears as two different APs.

But what the hell someone *needs* to broadcast more than one ESSID???

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