Cisco AP 1100 Problems

We are using the cisco 1100 AP with TKIP secuirty. This is a school so we usually have carts moving around with the laptops on them. Our building is mostly concrete. We have access point throught out the building and for what should be seemless coverage. The issue we are having is that when 25 or so students log on the access points just come to a crawl. I personally think it is because the students use roaming profiles downloading anywhere from 25 to 130mb everytime they login to the network. Next year I plan to elimate roaming profiles and go with folder redirection to improve bandwith. Is this the cause for the accesspoint to come to a hault? 25 people all logging on and downloading this much data at once? I would appreciate any input on this. Thank you in advance!

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elliotth123 schrieb:

How many APs are covering/serving the 25 students at the moment the perfomance problem occurs? 802.11b or 802.11g radio in APs? If they connect to only one or two APs and must wait for 2GByte of roaming profiles, you'll need (much) more peak bandwith.

Wirelessly this means lowering transmit power and disabling the 1 and 2 MBit/s datarates for getting small radio cells and doubling the number of APs.

25 concurrent users on a single AP is no problem when all users use only low-bandwith applications like telnet or citrix. Your useable bandwith is equal or less than 700kByte/s for 802.11b and 2500 kByte/s for 802.11g only. A mix of 11b and 11g stations on the same AP is closer to 11b than 11g. Beware: WLAN is a shared media just like the old coax ethernet cable... At any place, you cannot have more than 3 non-overlapping channels (so the cumulative max throughput is about 3 coax cables...)


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