Wireless connection without SSID broadcasting


I'm sure this ones been asked before but I can't seem to find it.

I setup a simple wireless Linksys router WRT54G. I disabled the SSID broadcast, setup WPA encryption and locked it down by MAC address.... (A few step to secure it from nosy neighbors, I know serious hackers can still work their way in). The issue is that when I reboot my laptop it can no longer see my network. Therefore I cannot get back onto my network.

Is there a way (How) can I create a 'launch button' to re-establish my network connection? What am I missing (I know it gonna be simple)?

Also, I am always interested in any info on hardening my security even further.

Thank you for your guidance!


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Real simple, just turn the ssid broadcast back on... it does absolutely nothing to stop hackers, but as you can see, gives you fits cuz its off.....

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Peter Pan

Turning off SSID broadcasting is just one of those cute things that keeps getting repeated by the published "experts". It does nothing useful for security but does cause problems like you are experiencing.

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Amoung other such as not allowing your neighbor to see you and him ending up on the same channel as you.


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Adair Winter

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