Cisco 1200 / 1100 AP WPA and Pocket PC (PDA)

Hi, maybe someone can help me with the following problem,

I have a test enviroment consisting of Cisco 1100 and Cisco 1200 Access Points and also different Handhelds (HP, Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens etc)

Connection from the PDA to AP using WPA Pre shared key, nothing special.

In this enviroment it is only possible to establish a connection to the AP with the IOS Version 12.2(13)JA4.

After Upgrading to a different version (higher) it is not possible to establish a connection using WPA (although WEP still works). I have tried the following Versions without any success:

12.3(4)JA, 12.3(2)JA2, 12.3(7)JA

Obviously there seems to be a change after upgrading the AP...? Does anyone know if this could be overrun by changing something in the AP Config.

For the tests I am using a very basic config with only encryption tkip and wpa-psk..

Maybe someone has also come across this problem and has a workaround or a solution.

Thanks Stuart

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Some PDAs have a bug where they are unable to associate when they encounter a WMM (WME) IE in the beacon / probe. If this is the issue, then configuring "no dot11 qos mode" on the radio interface would be a workaround.


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Aaron Leonard

Hi all,

Thanks alot - the tip works without any problems whatsoever.


Aaron Leonard schrieb:

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