Cisco 760 & port 80

I am still trying to get this router to work properly (see also post of februari 10) and think the problem may lay in the fact that port 80 is not open. show ip pat Dropped - icmp 0, udp 0, tcp 0, map 0, frag 0 Timeout - udp 5 minutes, tcp 30 minutes Port handlers [no default]:

Port Handler Service


23 Router TELNET 67 Router DHCP Server 68 Router DHCP Client 69 Router TFTP 161 Router SNMP 162 Router SNMP-TRAP 520 Router RIP

Translation Table - 0 Entries.

I can email, FTP, talk through Skype, use usenet... but can't browse when using the Cisco 760. When connected through a regular ISDN modem browsing is no problem. And I am told this is port 80?

I have tried to 'turn on' port 80 set ip pat on Parameter cannot be modified

Am I using the wrong command, or am I looking in the wrong direction?

Help would be greatly appreciated!



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Cesco van Gool
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Well... what can I say... I guess it is not going to work then... maybe someone called Cesco shouldn't be using a Cisco?

When no-one can help me getting http traffic going through this router I guess I'll have to buy another one... too bad.

Thanks anyway,


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