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Anybody know how to configure a Cisco 678. The 678 uses something called the Cisco Broadband OS, or CBOS. It is SOMETHING like the Cisco IOS but seem to like the SET commands, and the interface ports have name list wan0 wan0-x and eth0.

Even the management cable is not normal. I got it because I was having trouble with Verizon, kept losing my connection, and they kept telling me it was not the line, or even, as one tech told me, my computer as whatever the problem is it efftects all three of the PC. I figured if it wasn't the line, and it wasn't my computers the, it must be the modem/router which is a Westell 327W. Though the wireless only works out to about 10 feet.

I have tried a number of things, and the best I can get is to have the Lan Link lights and traffic lights ON, and the Wan link on with occasional traffic. When most of the stuff I have seen indicates that I have traffice, and connection on both ends, you still can't get to the internet from the lan.

So I am stuck with trying to take on-line classes with a connection that drops whenever it feels like it, which could be every few minutes.

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Jos. Bowen
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They were quite popular 10 years ago when they were current. They've been EOL'd since 2000. The reason everything is different is because Cisco bought the company (Netspeed), keeping the DSLAMs and CPE much the same for the first revs. Even so, the 678 was a huge step up over the Netspeed 202/204. :) And the NI2 controller in the DSLAMs so much better having IOS again than the SNMP windows controlled NI1.

The CLI is kind of a mix of several companies CLIs from the era.

The management cable isn't normal cisco because cisco didn't design the box.

One thing I don't understand is if you are trying to get ADSL2 actually working on the 678? That'll never work, the box uses chips made long before ADSL2 existed. Or did you just throw that into the Subject: line? Even the next generation Cisco boxes after the 678 don't support ADSL2, you'd have to go to the newest generation and get the 857 or 877 in order to support ADSL2.

What kind of configuration are you expecting to support? The basic single IP NAT, bridged or PPPoA should work pretty much out of the box. Set the VPI/VCI as appropriate (no auto VPI/VCI detect on these), set either your PPP username/password, or turn on bridging.

Cisco has some example technotes online on their website.

100's of ISPs probably have sample configs online for the stock ones they support.
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