Cisco 3020 VPN Concentrator Question


I'm currently granting access to our LAN via the C3020 and am concerned that a lot of the users are no longer using this service or never used the service.

Authentication is set to local and I therefore have to create an account each time to grant access, an email is then sent to the users with the userID and other details

Is there anyway with the 3020 that allows me to auto-expire an account and therefore audit the use of the account other than disabling the account and waiting for the users to complain that they can no longer log in ?

Heres hoping


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Steve Ray
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Not sure on local accounts, but you can easily point to tacacs or A/D which should provide this functionality. If you are only stuck with local authentication, I don't see any of those options in my older concentrator, so you should probably look in case you have something more updated, but nothing stands out to me at this moment.

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