Alternative for cisco vpn concentrator


are there any other products from other manufactures like the cisco vpnc


We are looking for cheaper hardware with the same funktions.



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Hans Werner Gerhard
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BTW: This device is end-of-sale

What about funkwerk / bintec VPN Access 250? But if you are using windows with IPSEC you'll also need some kind of client software licenses.

Regards Markus

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Markus Marquardt

(which are / used to be bundled with the 3015...)

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Even though Cisco has discontinued the VPN concentrator series, the Cisco ASA firewall is web/ASDM manageable and can host RAS VPN connections. Cisco ASA is available as a small 5505 and rack-mountable 5510, 5520, and 5540 model devices. They are essentially a direct replacement for the PIX device line but contain the main features available for the VPN concentrator series.

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