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I'm looking for a bit of advice please

We have recently deployed a VPN Concentrator 3020. I have set up all the users for this service and it works VERY well. I now want to limit the traffic to each box in the group management

For example I have a group of users called HomeWorking who I only want to allow RDP (port 3389) to a specific box rather than just all access to the same box and I have a set of users who only need http access to a specific set of servers

I've created 3 user groups with the above in mind allowing TechSupp to have full access to all boxes, Homeworking to have limited access and web users to have limited access

The web interface is incredibly granular and appears to offer a lot of functionality but the manual does not seem as good

Is there anyway to do this in the VPN Concentrator or should I be looking else where


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Look into the Rules and Filters options, under Configuration | Policy Management | Traffic Management

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