CISCO 3010X: Password Recovery

Dear all, in order to revover the lost password of a 3110X switch we followed exactly the procedure described in Chapter 47 of this manual:

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After releasing the MODE button we see these messages

"Password recovery mechanism is enabled. The system has been interrupted prior to

initializing the flash file system. The following commands will initialize the flash file system, and

finish loading the operating system software:



NOTE: In contrast to the manual we do NOT see the "load_helper" command here.

In the next step we initialized the flash filesystem by entering SWITCH: flash_init

Because we could not load any helper file (load_helper: cmd not found) we displayed the switch file system

SWITCH: dir flash:

and saw only 1 file called 'multiple-fs' and 1 directory called 'cbs31x0-universal-mz.122-52.SE' with this contents:

- info (file)

-html (directory)

But there is no 'config.txt' file at all! Therefore we boot up the system and tried to enter the Exec mode: SWITCH> enable Password:

How do we get rid of this password, we were confused now!

Greetings, Rainer

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Rainer Bläs
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Hi, just a hint that no "configure.txt" means no previous configuration. try the default password might be helpful.

These special Blade Switches for differnet vendors may have different default password.

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@bensonlei: Perfect. You are right. I found out the Default Password it's'cisco' Many thanks for your hint! Rainer

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