Cisco 2950 restart every 2 min

Hai everybdy, Iam wondering why cisco catclyst 2950 restsrts every 2 min.....i got into switch thru console an dfound the following....can anyone help me out with this ?wat kind of problem is that/////

""''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''"Initializing flashfs... flashfs[l]: 16 files, 2 directories flashfs[l] : 0 orphaned files, 0 orphaned directories flashfs[l] : Total bytes: 7741440 flashfs[l] : Bytes used: 3975168 flashfs[l]: Bytes available: 3766272 flashfs[l]: flashfs fsck took 6 seconds. flashfs[l] : Initialization complete. Done initializing flashfs. POST: System Board Test : Passed Flushing messages (00:00:09 UTC Mon Mar 1 1993) Buffered messages: Queued messages:

Crash Fault History C2950 Software (C2950--16Q4L2--M), Version 12.l(6)EA2c, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fcl) Compiled Thu 28-Feb-02 14:44 by antonino Signal = 10, Code = OxlC, Uptime 00:00:09 rO: 00000000, AT: 00000000, vO: 00000000, vl: 00000001 aO: 8OB3CE1O, al: 40000800, a2: 00000004, a3: 8OB3CE1O tO: 00000003, tl: l000ElOl, t2: 802AF5B8, t3: FFFFOOFF t4: 802AF5A0, t5: 00000000, t6: 80B3CF78, t7: 00000008 sO: 00000800, sl: 8OB3CE1O, s2: 00000000, s3: 80BA98B4 s4: 00000000, s5: 00000002, s6: 8OB3CE1O, s7: 00000001 t8: 00000000, t9: 805CAF54, kO: 00000000, kl: 00000000 gp: 805BEC20, sp: 8OB3CDA8, s8: 00000007, ra: 80271334 EPC: 80429114, ErrEPC: 802AD4C4, BadVA: OxEDABEFFE, SREG: l000ElO3 Cause: Ox00002OlC (code 7): Data Bus Error exception

--Traceback= 80429114 80271334 8027ll0C 80272324 80273AA8 80278188

80274FBC 80275298 8O2BOCAC 801B9084 8C

C2950 Boot Loader (C2950--HBOOT--M) Version 12.l(6)EA2c, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fcl) Compiled Thu 28--Feb--02 14:59 by antonino WS--C2950--24 starting. Base ethernet MAC Address: 00:Od:28:bf:cd:40 Xmodem file system is available. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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You would need to open a TAC with Cisco, but the IOS is corrupt; most likely due to bad memory. Have you tried to power it off or boot into ROMMON? You could also xmodem in ROMMON to see if its just a corrupt image.


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Hai thank u fo rthe reply...... Iam new to netwrking.....can u tell me how to boot in ROMMON and wat is xmodem?Is there any guideline from cisco? How to see if the image is corrupted?

Thank u in advance

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