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Hi there, How would I find the exact Cisco 2950 switch port that a workstation connects to, switch has one VLAN? I have IP and MAC address of workstation. How about a Dell 3424 switch? Thank you.

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show mac-address-table....then match the mac. I think you may be able to do a '| include aaaa.bbbb.cccc' to find the exact port.

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hostname#show mac-address-table | i 0013.725b.fdfa 409 0013.725b.fdfa DYNAMIC Fa0/8

Port Fa0/8 (Vlan 409).

If they are anything like the 5424.. You can't.

I can find now way to access the CAM table on the Dell switches. You can get the ARP table, but that doesn't tell you anything.

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