cisco 2950 limit bandwith

Hello, how can i limit bandwith on one IP or RJ45, to 1mps ? on Cisco Catalyst 2950 I see i can do it by service (1 port), but how to on all ports of an IP/Ethernet connected.

Thanks for advices. Im a cisco newbie :)

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" In Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1, EI added these features:

  • Classification o Classification on the basis of: + Port trust state + Access control lists (ACLs) + Policy maps + Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) from a Cisco IP phone o Trust of CoS/differentiated services code point (DSCP) o Ports CoS configuration * Marking * Policing o Ingress policing * Configuration of the mapping table o CoS-to-DSCP o DSCP-to-CoS * Output queuing and scheduling o Strict priority scheduling o WRR scheduling "

So you would need the 12.1 EI image in order to do ingress policing.

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