Cisco 2500 series force interfaces up/up

This is a complete noob question.

Have a pair of Cisco 2501's. Have them connected back to back with HD60 DCE/DTE cables S0 to S1. IP connectivity is up. Can ping IP address of S0 and S1 from either end. Have IP addresses for additional networks assigned to Eth0 on each 2501. Running Rip V2 to advertise these networks.

Here is where I am running into problems. I'm attempting to assign IP addresses to the unused serial interfaces and have RIP advertise these networks as well. But since there isn't anything physically connected to these serial interfaces, I can never get them to go into an up/up states. Therefore, they done't show up as directly connected entries in my route table and are never advertised by RIP.

Is there way to force these interfaces up to make this work? I thought I knew how to do this, but it's been a while.

Thanks in advance...

Regards, Chris

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Have you tried turning off keepalives on the unused serial interfaces? Stick to the default HDLC encapsulation and do something like

interface serial0 ip address no keepalive no shut

In any case, why not use loopback interfaces instead of unused serial interfaces for what you are trying to do? Just configure IP addresses on loopback interfaces (which are software interfaces and will come right up) and advertise them through RIP for what I presume are practice labs for you.

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