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I have a Cisco 2500 series router. This may a VERY STUPID question, but is it possible to set this up to act as my DSL router? I have a Westell that came with the Bellsouth service. What I would like to do is pretend this is a client, and we're using the 2500 series as the only router.

It has two ethernet interfaces, by the way. I just don't know if on the one interface if there's something special to configure because of the DSL service.

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Post the output of show version from the Cisco router

What is the model number of the Westell modem ?

If you connect a Windows PC to the Westell modem and configure the PC for PPPOE, can you connect to the Internet ?

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So, you must have a 2514. But anyway, you do realize the 25xx was designed to basicly drive a T1 and a half or so? I don't know what speed DSL you have, but it could very well slow your DSL down by having it in there if you have more than T1 speeds.

It depends quite a bit on what your Westell device actually is. Are you bridged? PPPoE? Routed? PPPoA?

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Doug McIntyre

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It seems as if the Westell acts as a router and runs DHCP. When I go to the connection configuration section I see the following:

VPI / VCI 8/35 Protocol PPPoE Bridge Ethernet

User ID: Password Provided by your ISP. Confirm Password

Static IP Address Primary DNS Server IP Gateway Secondary DNS Server

Connection Type: On Demand

The Cisco router is a 2514. Does this mean I can't use it?

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Please post:

  1. The exact model number of the Westell DSL modem that you have

  1. The output of show version from the Cisco 2514.

The show version command will display amongst other things the amount of RAM memory and the amount of flash memory that your router has.

This info is reuqired to tell if the 2514 you have has sufficient memory for the latest versions of IOS that are available for the 2500 series of routers

The Cisco web site shows that 12.3 images are available for 2500 series routers and those images are current enough that they MAY have support for PPPOE which is required to connect to your ISP.

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