Used DSL Modem with BellSouth?


I have DSL with BellSouth, connecting through a USB DSL modem. This does not allow me to hook up a router, so I'd like to buy a new one. BellSouth wants $100 for a Westell 6100. I did a quick search on eBay, and found DSL modems for about $15 delivered. Thinking about buying one used. Is this a good idea? Any specs to look for?

Thanks in advance, Andy

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Make sure it is a modem that Bell South uses. I have been told that some modem/routers can be proprietary. I bought one for one of our sites off Ebay and it was fine. In fact the modem was for a Verizon DSL hook-up. The software was not fully compatible but we got around it. I believe Bell South has a list of approved modems and routers on their fastaccess site.


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