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I just bought 2 Cisco 1841 routers. I bought them because I have to configure a T1 line between the 2. However, I just purchased the standard image without any type of crypto support. Initially this wasn't a problem, but now it is. I would like to setup ssh to login to the routers, and I would also like to setup a VPN tunnel between the 2.

I have been looking around, and I have found the following part #: S184ASK9-12308T

This is for the Cisco 1841 IOS Advanced Security. However, it looks like it's for IOS software release 12.3(8)T4.

I need the advanced security IOS to utilize the VPN tunnel, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the latest software release (the software that came with my units is version 12.4(1c), release software (fc1)). So here are my questions:

  1. Does anybody know the latest IOS release that will support what I want to do on my Cisco 1841 routers?

  1. I have also been reading about the VPN accelerator cards for the 1841, I don't think I need to purchase one of these to support a VPN tunnel, and I would rather just setup a VPN with the software. Can somebody confirm that I don't need to purchase 1 of these?


-- Jim

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Right, prepackaged "feature kits" are going to be old sitting around in the distribution channel. Cisco doesn't do them very often. Most users wanting the latest software code are going to buy the paper license and put them on Smartnet to get the latest code revs.

NB: Cisco releases a version in all feature releases all at once. Release x will be out for Base, Advanced, Security, etc. etc. all the trains that they typically put out for that platform. No staggering.

The FN says the latest version is 12.4(16). Wait around another 6 weeks and you'll probably get 12.4(17).

You can setup the VPN without it, and at T1 speeds, the 1841 CPU alone should be able to handle it no problems. The VPN AIM cards offload the crypto into hardware to go much faster.

Now, a 2600 without the VPN AIM card is another story. You won't get T1 speeds without the VPN AIM cards in a 2600.

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Doug McIntyre

All ISRs (85x/87x/18xx/28xx/38xx) do have integrated crypto chip onboard. It becomes active when crypto-capable software is on the box, so tunnels created with IOS capable of doing VPNs will be accelerated:

"look for "Integrated Hardware-Based Encryption Acceleration" in Table 1 and in Table 3:

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