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Hello all,

I have recently obtained my ccna cert, which admittedly after having a few years networking experience under my belt, i didn't find too difficult (not that i am saying it was easy of course).

Now i would really like to have a bash at trying to obtain my ccnp, so my question is, how does the ccnp compare to the ccna, e.g is there more material to cover, or is it about the same amount except more difficult? Also, what are the exams like? And so on.

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This is such an individual thing that it is I would think impossible to provide anything meaningful. Still this is usenet so here goes:-)

My view is that the CCNP is a big step from ccna. You need a lot of specific knowledge over a wide range of material.

For CCNA, a bit of experience and a few principles and off you can go (there are other routes of course).

For CCNP the syllabus is much wider and unless you are in just the right job it is unlikely that you will get the knowledge that you need from there. You will have to study and I personally need something of a lab.

I am preparing for the BSCI exam at present and I am having to cover a lot of things that I have never used in 10 years in this field. ISIS, BGP, more OSPF detail that I have ever needed. I am not by the way criticising the syllabus, it is not at all unreasonale to cover this material.

By the way the exams are changing (again) and the last date for doing the old ones is 31 Dec 2006 (IIRC).

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