first ccnp, then ccna

After I completed CCNA course, I started CCNP immediately. Now, I want
to take BSCI exam, but I haven't got CCNA yet. So first I'm planning
getting all the CCNP exams and then gettng the CCNA exam. As far as
I know this is possible, isn't it? When I get the last CCNA exam,
I'll have both CCNA and CCNP certs. Am I right about this?
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You are right, I don't see the point though. Do your CCNA first, take the exam, make sure you know the basics before you do the higher level stuff. Each CCNP exam recertifies your CCNA so you don't have the benefit of having the CCNA for longer.
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Paul Womar
you can get the exam but u wont receive your certificate unless u got a valid ccna
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mido (kurzon) wrote in news:dbb90 $42873327$455da0d2$
You'll need a valid CCNA certification to be able to take the CCNP certification, so before you'll start on the BSCI, you should get the CCNA. Take a look at
formatting link
for the prerequisites for the CCNP.
Cheers Lars Christensen
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Lars L. Christensen
you may but really i don;t see the point. It will take months, so why not become CCNA first
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Tayfun Tuna
hi, thank you for all the answers. I want to choose this path because i'm heavily into CCNP right know and I want to take the CCNP exams before I forgot what I'd learned. I think CCNA will be much more easy if i get it after all 4 CCNP exams. It's not important if I get the CCNP certification right after I passed the exams or not. I'll get CCNA exam immediately anyway. I think I'm ready for BSCI and BCRAN for now (and I finished those courses 2 weeks ago), wouldn't it be wrong if I study for CCNA right now? Anyway, thanks for all your replies, your thoughts are really important. Sorry for my delayed reply by the way.
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I'm sure it will be easier once you've completed your CCNP however I'd think you'd find your CCNP easier if you have completed the CCNA training first!
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