easiest of CCNP Exams

My CCNA is expiring on Sep 13. I wanted to take at least one of the
CCNP exams before my CCNA expires so that I dont have to retake CCNA.
Can anyone tell me which of the four exams in CCNP requires the least
amount of time? Thanks
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Man it depends on you. You can take BCMSN, BCRAN or BSCI. Personally, I would go with BCRAN as first. Whatever you do, don't go with CIT as your first. It combines the other 3 exams.
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Saad Ahmed
Thanks a lot guys for ur timely replies. I was about start with CIT. Now that I have read your replies I'll start with either BCMSN or BCRAN. Thanks again.
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I'd certainly agree with leaving CIT til last. BSCI is too large to do quickly so I'd say BCMSN or BCRAN are the main candidates.
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Paul Womar
u r welcome and good luck :)
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Dream Catcher
I suggest you to start with BCRAN. I have passed this recently and it was really easy, now I'm preparing for BCMSN and it has a lot of knowledge and terminology included. In my opinion it's two or even three times larger than BCRAN, just look at size of books for each of the exams. Regards, Andrew
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I personally have been doing the tests in the order presented by Cisco --- BSCI -> BCMSN -> BCRAN -> CIT.
I feel like the BSCI definitely gave me the best starting point as it provides some basis for the other topics. The BCRAN & BCMSN seemed pretty interchangeable to me, so far as which one to take first. Most people probably have more experience with one over the other (for me it was the switching), so it might be a bit of a relief to take that one after the huge BSCI effort.
Good luck!
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