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Hi group,

I would like to upgrade a catalyst 3750E (WS-C3750E-TD-S) with another IOS version. But this update doesn't work . I try it with the command "archieve download-sw" and I got the message can't read flash ..also when I try to read the flash with dir flash: there is the same output. For my understand there is a problem with the flash !? Maybe corrupt ? Did anyone have a similar problem ?


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Hi Denis,

Is this a single 3750 or a stack of 3750's?

I had issues trying to convert a pair of single 3750's into a stack and set them both to use the same version of IOS. The "archive" command simply would not work for me, it wanted to DOWNGRADE 1 stack member IOS to reach the others level, so I ended up just adding the new IOS to EACH flash and setting the BOOT command in the config for EACH switch, but I had to break the stack to do this manually. Eventually I got the stack sorted but I had a fun time sorting them out.

If you copy to FLASH: in a stack, then it copies to ALL stack members flash. You can also copy to FLASH1, FLASH2, etc to reach specific stack members if required. If I remember correctly the BOOT command can be set to apply to all stack members or just 1...

If you are not using a Stack then all this is moot........;-).

If yu have a stack, then try "dir flash", then "dir flash1", "dir flash2", etc, and list the output of each.


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