Cannot recover password PIX 501 - TFTP Failed (return:-10 arg:0x1)

My company has recently received a used PIX 501 Firewall Version 6.3(3) which we are wanting to configure and use on our network. I have so far been unable to reset the password using the password recovery procedures given to me by Cisco. When I attempt to download the password recovery file (np63.bin) through tftp, it gives me the following error:

tftp np63.bin@ via TFTP failed (return:-10 arg:0x1)

I have tried other .bin files, but with no luck. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

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I'll have to guess here, but the two most likely causes are:

1) that the file is not in the default directory used by the tftp server; or 2) that the file (and associated directories to that point) do not have permissions to be read by the tftp server process
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Walter Roberson

You may wish to investigate:

Password Recovery and AAA Configuration Recovery Procedure for the PIX

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Hope this helps.

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